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Disability in Middle East and North Africa Region

Map: Middle East and North Africa Region

The Middle East North Africa Region faces challenges in dealing with disability issues in all its aspects, ranging from conflict related disabilities to HIV/AIDS, employment issues, education and social inclusion. While extreme poverty is not as widespread (about 2.1% of the region's population compared to 23.4% of the world's population falling below $1 a day in 1998 using the international poverty line of $1 a day per capita), people with disabilities in this region still face obstacles in being included in society alongside people without disabilities.

Publications and Reports

World Bank

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Projects and Initiatives

World Bank Projects

  • YEMEN: Vocational Training Project
    [Project ID: P005912 - Project Status: Closed]
    The Vocational Training Project will help strengthen Yemen's capacity to train skilled labor in line with current and emerging demand in the economy. This project has three objectives: 1) strengthening vocational training system (VTS) management by providing a major role to the private sector in policy-making, management and financing of the VTS; 2) improving the quality and relevance of vocational training (VT) through the enhancement of programs in existing centers and selective expansion...
  • EGYPT: Social Protection Initiatives Project
    [Project ID: P066336 - Project Status: Closed]
    The objective of the Social Protection Initiatives Project in Egypt, is to develop integrated programs for children with disabilities and youth at risk. The project will further improve management and administrative skills in the Ministry of Insurance and Social Affairs (MISA), as well as, service delivery practices. The project components will include: 1) support services, for children with disabilities and their families. Institutional building activities will include social studies on needs...

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Country Profiles

The Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has developed several country profiles on disability. Within the Middle East North Africa Region such studies have been carried out in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. JICA holds all copyrights on these profiles and they are provided here in link format only.

The information is based on reports prepared by Irene Jillson of Policy Research Incorporated, following the Policy Forums held in West Bank and Gaza in August 2001. Literature and resources are also available from the Central Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Health or via State of Palestine and the Gaza Community Mental Health Program.

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