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Conflict and Disability

Conflict is one of the preventable causes of psychological, sensorial and physical disabilities. In the past much of the emphasis on disability in post conflict countries has been concentrated on the emergency phase after the conflict, and often with a focus limited to land mines, which constitute a long term cause of further disabilities. Unfortunately the problem is broader and deeper. As a consequence, in the recent years, the actors operating in this field have embraced a holistic approach which include: data collection and analysis, emergency medical care, continuing medical care, physical rehabilitation, prostheses and assistive devices, psychological and social support, employment and economic integration, capacity building and sustainability, legislation and public awareness, accessibility interventions/policy. Topics related to conflict are child soldiers, disability caused by suspension of immunization practices, etc.

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    This is interactive site for information on sustainable development and poverty reduction, and a space for communities to share experiences on development efforts." See also their project data base AiDA.

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