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World Bank Group Workplace and Disability

The Bank Group is committed to modeling internally what it is striving for externally in its work with clients - to mobilize the valuable resource of people with disabilities by removing barriers to their participation in the work of the Bank.

In practice this translates into:

  • A more proactive approach to recruitment of people with disabilities by tapping into networks of disabled people worldwide and ensuring accommodations for candidates with disabilities in the interview process.
  • Removing barriers to access in DC Headquarters and Country Offices.
  • Assessing and improving accessibility of hardware and software systems, products and services.
  • Providing staff with the accommodations needed to function effectively in the workplace.

Website Accessibility

Improved website accessibility is an issue creating increasing awareness.  Some governments already require information technology (IT) to be accessible for people with disabilities. The World Bank is committed to ensuring that the website is accessible to people with disabilities, and this site makes every effort for the fulfillment. We cannot, however, take any responsibility for the accessibility of the websites linked to from this website.

News on Disability and Development

If you are interested in the World Bank’s work with and for individuals with disabilities, please visit our News and Events section on the left navigation.

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Last updated: 2009-08-20

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