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E-Discussion: Disabled and other Vulnerable People in Natural Disasters, May 22 - June 9

Sponsored by: World Bank Disability & Development Team (Human Development Network), World Bank Institute's Multimedia Center, Center for International Rehabilitation, Leonard Cheshire Centre of Conflict Recovery, University College London

The World Bank organized and hosted an e-mail based electronic discussion on the issue of "Disasters and Disabled People" from May 22 - June 9, 2006. Because of high fragility to external shocks, disabled people and other vulnerable populations are at risk of not being included in natural disaster preparedness, emergency response/relief and recovery & reconstruction. Objective of this electronic discussion was to solicit a large discussion on disabled people and other vulnerable groups (e.g. elderly, children) and disasters. The discussion was hosted by DevForum - The World Bank Platform for E-Discussions and Communities - and was opened to all interested parties.

The e-discussion was designed to solicit information on disabled people (and other vulnerable populations) and natural disasters in the following three focused areas to be used as inputs for a guidance on inclusion of disabled and vulnerable people in the disaster-related activities. The conclusions is now made available to emergency and development agencies including the World Bank, policy-makers and civil society.

  • Disaster Preparedness & Mitigation (Week 1 May 22 - May 26, moderated by Maria Veronica Reina and Anne Hayes)
  • Emergency Response / Relief (Week 2 May 29 - June 6, moderated by Moira Jones and Ashok Hans
  • Short/Medium Term Social-Economic Recovery & Reconstruction with Mitigation (Week 3 June 5 - June 9 moderated by Maria Kett)

ArrowReport of the Online Forum on Disabled and other Vulnerable People in Natural Disasters
[MS Word, 279KB]
December 2006

ArrowSummary Report on "Disabled and other Vulnerable People in Natural Disasters"e-mail discussion
[MS Word, 46KB]
December 2006

The e-discussion is an important component of a larger knowledge sharing initiative started by the Global Partnership for Disability & Development after the Tsunami, followed by the reports "Disability in Conflict and Emergency Situations: Focus on Tsunami Affected Areas" (by IDDC, June 2005), "International Disability Rights Monitor: Disability and Early Tsunami Relief Efforts in India, Indonesia and Thailand" (by Center for International Rehabilitation, September 2005) and the fact finding event at the World Bank Headquarters on December 5, 2005.

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