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The World Bank Group Begins Preparing New Social Protection & Labor Strategy

Building Resilience & Opportunity

January 18, 2011 – The World Bank Group will begin consultations this month on a renewed social protection and labor strategy  that will guide its work for the next decade, the Bank announced today.

With the recent food, fuel and financial crises, and an overwhelming demand for effective, efficient and equitable social protection programs that reduce poverty and inequality, and build resilience by helping individuals and families smooth their consumption, this is an ideal time for the Bank to roll out a reinvigorated 10-year plan.

Social protection programs promote opportunity and growth by helping people build human and physical capital, facilitating access to education, health and nutrition, improving skills and access to jobs, and by freeing families to make productive investments because of their greater sense of security.

“The next decade promises to be fast-changing, challenging and demanding of social protection,” said Arup Banerji, Director of Social Protection & Labor at the Bank. “During the next 10 years, social protection policies and programs will be strongly shaped by emerging global challenges, especially deepening demographic trends, increasing volatility and integration brought about by globalization, and persistent poverty and inequality.”

Social protection is essential in times of crisis, and programs are indispensable to sustainable growth, Banerji said.

About the 2012-2022 Strategy

The Bank launched its first social protection and labor strategy in 2001. The new strategy will respond to a dynamic global context and address some of the challenges countries face in implementing effective social protection and labor policies and programs.

The strategy will support countries in building systems that are appropriate to capacity; focus on low-income and fragile contexts; improve opportunities, employability and livelihoods; and promote continued investment in knowledge, including sharing relevant good practice and results.

The Consultation Process

Consultations will provide an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss, firsthand, how the Bank can improve its future social protection and labor work.

The first phase of consultations begins this month. (See the concept note). Through May 2011, online consultations and face-to-face meetings will collect the views of stakeholders around the world. These comments and recommendations will inform the draft of social protection and labor strategy in October 2011, before the start of the second phase of consultations—a two-month period when stakeholders can provide comments. The Bank’s Board of Executive Directors will discuss the final draft strategy in early 2012.

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