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Core Labor Standards Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to assist staff in analyzing core labor standards (CLS) in Country Assistance Strategies (CAS), according to the recommendations of donors.  It provides background information on four principles from international conventions known as "core labor standards." The toolkit also includes links to resources for finding information on a country's compliance with each of the standards and suggestions for integrating an analysis of the standards into the CAS.

The toolkit lays out a 3-step process for learning about core labor standards generally; accessing information on CLS in specific countries; and reporting on CLS in the CAS.

Step 1: Understanding core labor standards and their relevance to development and poverty reduction (includes IDA-12 and IDA-13 recommendations).

Step 2: Locating information on core labor standards in specific countries.

Step 3: Diagnosing core labor standards in the CAS (includes examples).

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