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Youth Employment

Skills & Employability

Yet in many countries youth face significant difficulties in their transition to work. Some begin working too early, others cannot enter the work force, still others get stuck in low productivity work. Poverty can exacerbate outcomes such as school drop out rates and joblessness. Slow economic growth and rigid labor markets limit employment creation for young people. Lack of skills and experience often constrains youth from taking advantage of employment opportunities, while limited access to information and networks undermine young people's ability to create their own work and livelihoods. For so many young women the transition to work never takes place. Finally, many disadvantaged youth such as child laborers, young soldiers, disabled youth and youth with HIV/AIDS, need a second chance to reintegrate into the workforce.

As part of a larger emphasis on encouraging human capital investment and employment, the World Bank focus on youth employment is gaining momentum. This focus follows the publication of the World Development Report 2007 and responds to strong demand from many countries for policies and best practice on how to address youth employment issues. Some of these activities are listed under the following youth employment topic resources:

  1. Global Inventory of Interventions to Support Young Workers
  2. Global & Regional Assessments
  3. School-to-Work Transition & Skill Development
  4. Entrepreneurship & Self-employment
  5. Global Partnership for Youth Employment


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WDR 2007 Ch 3: Learning for Work & Life (390kb pdf)

WDR 2007 Ch 4: Going to Work (295kb pdf)



Mattias Lundberg, Senior Economist


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