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Entrepreneurship & Self-employment

As entrepreneurs, young people can channel their energy, creativity and fresh perspective towards innovations, problem solving, and contribute great value to their economy. However, only recently has evidence suggested which youth become entrepreneurs, what entrepreneurship activities they pursue, who succeeds and why. New research is shedding light on what are constraints to youth entrepreneurship, and whether entrepreneurship can be successfully linked to micro credit. Many youth are self employed and involved in the informal sector. This trend indicates that youth have few options in the formal sector either because of their lack of experience, appropriate education, or social connections. Yet some youth choose self employment or working in the informal sector because they perceive better opportunities than in the formal sector or in wage employment.


Is Youth Entrepreneurship A Necessity or An Opportunity? A First Exploration of Household and New Enterprise Surveys in Latin America
Inter-American Development Bank Sustainable Development Department Technical Papers Series
by Juan José Llisterri, Hugo Kantis, Pablo Angelelli and Luis Tejerina
May 2006

This paper highlights the importance of youth entrepreneurship in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by young entrepreneurs. The authors analyze the differences between youth who become entrepreneurs by necessity or by opportunity and also review the scope and quality of policies and programs that governments, development agencies and civil society are implementing to support both groups of young entrepreneurs.


Colombia - Peace and Development Project Appraisal Document

This project aims to assist vulnerable, low-income and displaced populations in rural and urban communities in the conflict-affected region, including promoting job opportunities for youth.

Honduras - Nutrition and Social Protection Project Appraisal Document

This project aims to improve Honduras' social safety net for children and youth, including a component that consists of a first employment program for youth at risk.


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