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Global Inventory of Interventions to Support Young Workers

The Youth Employment Inventory (YEI) is the first comprehensive global database to provide comparative information on youth employment interventions worldwide. With more than 300 youth employment programs from around 90 countries, the YEI documents program design, implementation, and achieved results.

This unique database has been built as an interactive, user-focused, living platform: it links stakeholders, Ministries, NGOs, implementing agencies, private corporate partnerships, and individuals active in the field of youth employment. The database allows its users to access program information and data on evaluation by country, region, type of intervention, level of evaluation, and impact. In addition practioners from across the globe can submit information on projects and share their experiences on what has worked and what has not. All users are welcome to post program information and documentation on this website; simply log on to input program information. This allows for constant real-time updates to the body of knowledge in youth employment, while giving programs a format for sharing information on successes and failures in program development and implementation. Browse Projects.


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