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Meet the Labor Markets Team

David A. Robalino - Lead Economist

Photograph of David A. RobalinoDavid Robalino is the Lead Economist and Leader of the Labor and Youth Team in the Human Development Anchor of the World Bank. He also serves as Co-Director of the Employment and Development program at IZA – the Institute for the Study of the Labor. Since joining the Bank David has been working on issues related to social security, labor markets and fiscal policy. He has worked in several countries in Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Asia. David has published on issues related to macroeconomics and labor markets, social insurance and pensions, health financing, the economics of HIV/AIDS, and the economics of climate change. More recently David has been working on issues related to the design of unemployment benefits systems in middle income countries, the extension of social insurance programs to the informal sector, and the integration of social protection and education/training policies to improve labor market outcomes and productivity growth. Prior to joining the Bank David was a researcher at the RAND Corporation where he was involved in research on health, population and labor, climate change, and the development of quantitative methods for policy analysis under conditions of uncertainty. David also served in the Presidential Committee for Social Security Reform in Ecuador. David did his graduate studies at the Sorbonne University in Paris and the RAND Graduate School in Santa Monica – California.

Arvo Kuddo - Senior Labor Market Economist

Photograph of Arvo KuddoArvo Kuddo, an Estonian national, will join the HDNSP team as a Senior Labor Economist in January 2010. Arvo has specialized on labor market institutions, including labor regulations, employment services and active labor market programs. Most recently he is closely involved in monitoring of labor market developments associated with the crisis in ECA region. Arvo is author and co-author of about 160 research papers, books, booklets and articles, and over 160 other publications in newspapers and journals on transition issues, and social and labor market reforms. Arvo has contributed to 34 Bank lending operations and over 40 non-lending operations in the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Albania, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Estonia, Turkey, Iran. Prior to joining the Bank, Arvo was a Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Estonia (1990-1992). Arvo holds a PhD in Economics and Demography from Lomonosov Moscow State University (1981).

David Newhouse - Labor Economist

Photograph of David Locke NewhouseDavid Newhouse joined the World Bank’s Social Protection unit as a Labor Economist in November 2008. He first joined the World Bank in August 2007, based in Jakarta, and co-led the Indonesian Jobs Report. Prior to that, he worked for three years as a consultant in the Poverty and Social Impact Analysis unit of the IMF, and two years in the consumer protection division of the Federal Trade Commission. David holds a PhD from Cornell University, and has published several peer-reviewed articles on diverse topics in labor economics, the economics of education, and health economics.

Dug-ho Kim - Sr. Specialist

Photograph of David Locke NewhouseDug-ho Kim joined the HDNSP Labor Team in February 2010. Prior to joining the World Bank, Dug-ho worked as assistant secretary for employment and labor to the President in Korea. He also worked as the director of the Job Creation Policy Division and Qualification Policy Division as well as the head of the Jeju Regional Labor Office in the Ministry of Labor of Korea. Dug-ho has a master’s degree in Industrial Relations and Personal Management from Warwick Business School and in Public Administration from Seoul National University.

Friederike Rother - Operations Officer

Photograph of Friederike Uta RotherFriederike Rother works as an Operations Officer in the Social Protection and Labor Markets Unit at the World Bank. Within the Labor Market Team, Ms. Rother is mainly tasked with managing a multidonor trustfund project (MDTF) on ”Labor Markets, Job Creation, and Economic Growth: Scaling up Research, Capacity Building, and Action on the Ground,” which aims at promoting effective policy-making in the area of job creation in developing countries. The project’s regional coverage includes Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, Central Asia, Northern Africa and the Middle East. Friederike’s recent research has focused on youth employment and she worked on establishing the World Bank’s global youth employment inventory (YEI). Prior to working at the World Bank, Ms. Rother was an officer in the Labor Market and Economic Policy Unit of the German Employers’ Association (BDA) and an adviser with the German Development Corporation (GTZ). In these positions, she has worked and published on issues such as Investment Climate and Job Creation, Impact Evaluation of Employment Programs, Demographics, and Migration. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Science Po) and an MA in International Relations from the Free University of Berlin.

Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta - Economist

Photograph of Maria Laura Sanchez PuertaMaria Laura Sanchez Puerta, an Argentinian national, joined the HDNSP team as a Labor Economist in April 2007. In this unit, Maria Laura has specialized on the design, implementation, and evaluation of Active Labor Market Programs around the world, co-edited the book "Globalization, Wages, and the Quality of Jobs", managed the relationship with International Trade Unions and the ILO regarding labor issues, and led the organization of the flagship Labor Policy Course. In addition, she has supported analytical and operational work in various regions: MENA (Tunisia, Lebanon), LAC (regional flagship, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina), and East Asia (Indonesia, Cambodia). Previously, Maria Laura had been an Extended Term Consultant in the ECSHD for two years, where she worked on Labor Market Studies for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Serbia, led the Poverty Assessment for Romania and co-authored the chapter on labor markets and demographic transition for the flagship publication "Red to Gray". Her operational experience includes participating in multi-sectoral HD lending operations and the Employment Promotion Project in Serbia. Maria Laura holds a PhD in Economics from Cornell University and joined IZA as a Research Fellow in 2007.

Marta Miłkowska - Consultant

Photograph of Marta MiłkowskaMarta Miłkowska joined the HDNSP team in July 2011. She is working in the field of entrepreneurship and value chain integration. Prior to her engagement at the Labor team of HDNSP, she worked in the United Nations HQ in New York as a Youth Program Officer, led Simba Friends Foundation’s education and infrastructure development project in Kenya, worked for the Polish Embassy to East Africa and several companies in Southern Sudan and Poland. Marta holds a Masters Degree in International Business from Warsaw School of Economics (Poland) and finished CEMS Master in International Management Program (Global Alliance). She acquired additional skills in the field of African Studies (Warsaw University).

Mattias Lundberg - Senior Economist

Photograph of Mattias LundbergMattias Lundberg is Senior Economist in the Social Protection and Labor team of the World Bank. He is currently leading research on the school-to-work transition, and youth voice and violence, including the reintegration of former child soldiers. He manages a number of field experiments in labor market programs for youth under the Spanish Impact Evaluation Fund and the Adolescent Girls' Initiative and in financial capability under the Russian Financial Literacy Trust Fund. He was one of the principal authors of the 2007 World Development Report, Development and the Next Generation. He is originally an agricultural economist, but has worked on impact evaluation, employment, income distribution, and health sector reforms more recently. He was a principal author of guidebooks on poverty and social impact assessment and on public expenditure and governance in the human development sectors. His published research has focused on the impact on households of crises such as HIV/AIDS and flood exposure; he has published numerous other articles on the relationship between income distribution and growth, on public service delivery, slum upgrading, and many other topics.

Melvina E. Clarke - Program Assistant

Photograph of Melvina ClarkeMs. Clarke is originally from Freetown, Sierra Leone. She is currently a Program Assistant assigned to The Labor Markets Team. Prior to joining the Bank she was employed by Barclays Bank (Sierra Leone) Ltd. She was a Bank Temp with The World Bank Volunteer Services (WBVS) now The World Bank Family Network (WBFN) before joining HDNSP. Ms. Clarke has over 30 years working experience.

Michael Weber - Economist

Photograph of Michael WeberMichael Weber is an economist with the HDNSP’s Labor Markets team where he heads the "Labor Regulation and Social Insurance " cluster. He has worked on the topics of unemployment insurance, employment services, labor regulation, school-to-work transition and youth employment. Prior to joining the World Bank in 2008, Mr. Weber worked at a joint research organization of the three main Universities of Vienna on research topics at the intersection between economics and computational statistics. He holds a PhD in Social and Economic Sciences, a Master’s in Economics as well as a Master’s in International Business Administration from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration.

Yoonyoung Cho - Economist

 Photograph of Yoonyoung ChoYoon was educated at the Seoul National University, Korea (ROK), majoring in economics. In 2000, she moved to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S, to pursue her PhD. studies in economics. Her field of research interest lies in public and labor economics. After finishing her PhD. in 2005, she joined the Korea Development Institute in Seoul, and engaged in academic research and consultancy regarding human capital / family policies to the Presidential Office, the Ministry of Welfare, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Family. In 2008, she joined the YP Program. Her first assignment was in MENA/HD where she worked on several studies ranging from health and education to labor market analysis, and conducted the economic and financial analysis for several Bank products. Yoon is now working mainly on LM responses to the crisis, Employability and Skills Development, and impact evaluation of LM interventions.

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