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Labor Markets, Job Creation & Economic Growth

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The Multi-donor Trust Fund (MDTF) on Labor Markets, Job Creation and Economic Growth was created in late 2007 to address knowledge and capacity gaps in low- and middle-income client countries in order to support the goal of more and better jobs. The MDTF is funded by Germany, Austria, Norway and Korea. Swiss participation is currently under preparation.


The objective of the MDTF is to promote effective policy-making in the area of labor markets and job creation in developing countries. To accomplish this objective, the MDTF focuses on three areas:

  1. Supporting cutting-edge research by the global academic and research community on key policy issues related to the creation of more and better jobs, as well as the reduction of inequality and social exclusion through work.
  2. Building the capacity of developing countries' policy-makers and researchers on labor market analyses, evaluation techniques, and good practices in labor market policy.
  3. Catalyzing country-level activities aimed at the analysis of local labor market conditions and piloting of promising approaches.

Regular reporting is an integral part of the trust fund, and will take place twice a year.

These activities contribute to better policy-making and job creation in part through the operational work of the Bank and other international and bilateral organizations. The results of the research also feed into the ongoing work of the Bank to fully articulate a comprehensive and integrated policy framework for promoting job creation and better labor market outcomes - the MILES Framework.


Friederike Rother, Operations Officer (MDTF Project Management Team)

David Robalino, Lead Economist (MDTF Project Management Team)

David Newhouse, Labor Economist

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