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The HDNSP Labor Market team organizes a variety of training programs on key labor market topics for relevant stakeholders and participants. Training programs include the annual labor market core course and IZA-WB conference, as well as regional courses and seminars.

All Labor Market Events

Regional LM Courses

Regional labor market courses serve as learning experiences for policy-makers and stakeholders in better understanding various labor market issues in specific regional contexts.

Joint ILO-World Bank Course on Promoting Job Quality and Productive Employment in the Middle East & North Africa
In October 2010, the World Bank and the ILO held this joint course with the main objective to support the adoption of more effective and inclusive labor market and employment policies, taking into consideration of how these may apply or be adjusted to rapidly changing labor market realities in the region. In response to the vulnerability caused by widespread low-quality informal employment, the featured topic of the course was informality and the job quality challenge.

Joint ILO-WB Course for Francophone Africa
This joint WB-ILO course, held in January 2009, offered a learning experience for stakeholders from Francophone African countries to better understand the role of employment in a pro-poor growth strategy.

Joint ILO-World Bank Training Course “Coping with the Global Job Crisis in South East Europe
In November/December 2009, the World Bank and the ILO held a joint course with the objective of better understanding the role of policies and institutions, and their interactions, for labor market performance and social inclusion in South-East Europe in the context of the global job crisis.

Labor Market Core Course

Every year, the Social Protection and Labor Anchor in collaboration with the World Bank Institute provides a Labor Market Policy Course, "Jobs for a Globalizing World." This course offers a unique learning experience on how employment is being transformed in today's rapidly changing and globalizing environment.

Labor Market Policy Core Course 2011

Labor Market Policy Core Course 2010

Labor Market Policy Core Course 2009

Labor Market Policy Core Course 2008


The objective of the Fifth IZA / World Bank Employment and Development Conference is to provide an opportunity for development economists and policymakers to interact and comment on important development issues, bridging these two communities in hopes of improving both research and policymaking for labor markets in developing countries.
IZA Conference 2010


Friederike Rother, Operations Officer

Maria Laura Sanchez Puerta, Labor Market Economist

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