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Impact Evaluation of ALMPs & Youth Employment Interventions

Impact Evaluation of Active Labor Market and Youth Employment Interventions - Ghana


Joblessness and underemployment are among the most challenging economic and social problems policymakers face in developing countries. This is even a more pressing issue in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Policymakers throughout the world struggle to find effective programs that increase employability and earnings of individuals as well as the quality of the jobs offered. As disincentives and dependencies of social transfers (including unemployment insurance) have become better understood, active labor market programs/youth employment programs (ALMP/YE) have raised attention as an attractive, and often complementary, option.

The rigorous evaluation of ALMP/YE is crucial to make a correct assessment on the effectiveness and efficiency of these programs. Despite this, there is still only limited empirical evidence on what works and what does not work and why. The existing knowledge gap is at the basis of the current effort of rigorously evaluating various types of interventions and sharing lessons learnt.

The ALMP/YE evaluation cluster at HDNSP facilitates support to World Bank teams to enhance the design and implementation of impact evaluations of ALMPs. The ALMP/YE evaluation cluster

  • promotes consistency in measuring interventions and outcomes
  • produces knowledge products
  • organizes dissemination events to build a community of practice on ALMPs.


This work is done jointly with HDNCY team, Mattias Lundberg ( and with the HDN Results team, led by Laura Rawlings ( )

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