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BBL - Admission Schemes for Foreign Workers: A Labor Market Tool for National Economic Development

Location:   Room G8-011
Begins:   Nov 07, 2011 12:45
Ends:   Nov 07, 2011 14:15
Contact Person:   Melvina E. Clarke

The Labor Markets & Youth Team of the Social Protection & Labor Sector (HDNSP) is pleased to sponsor a presentation by

Robert Holzmann

Chair: David Robalino Lead Economist, HDNSP


This paper offers guidance to policy makers from migrant receiving countries how to think about labor migration.  In particular, it encourages them to consider labor admission policies as an instrument of national employment and economic development strategies. It proposes a conceptual framework for labor admission systems which is used to explore the objectives of labor admission, to characterize stylized country profiles, and to analyze the implications for policy design and implementation. It reviews admission systems against the background of a multi-country inventory and the conceptual framework. Specifically, it reviews admission systems in practice: the entry routes, applied instruments, and gaps. And it provides an overview of the magnitudes of recent foreign worker inflows channeled through the main admission schemes detailed in the inventory, distills key policy trends and converging practices in the reviewed countries and beyond, and summarizes and assesses the empirical evidence from available evaluations of admission policy schemes.

The research and policy analysis in the paper is not country specific, but the underlying knowledge generation is related the RTA task MNSHD pursues with the Ministry of Labor of the United Arab Emirates on developing reform options for admission system of migrant workers.

Download paper (703kb pdf)

About the Presenter:
Robert Holzmann is Professor of Economics, University of Vienna, Senior Advisor (consultant) with the World Bank, Director of the RH Institute for Economic Policy Analysis, Vienna, and Research Fellow of IZA and CESifo. From May 1997 to end-February 2011 he was Director at the World Bank, including Sector Director and Head of the Social Protection & Labor Department. Before joining the Bank he was full professor of economics and the managing director to the European Institute at the University of Saarland, Germany, professor of economics at the University of Vienna, and senior economist at the IMF and OECD.  Recently Mr. Holzmann has led a World Bank analytical effort to develop a reform proposal for system of admissions for foreign workers in the UAE.

Presentation - Admission Schemes for Foreign Workers (3mb pdf)
by Robert Holzmann and Yann Pouget

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