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May 14, 2012Labor Markets Core Course 2012
Date: May 14 - May 25
Location: C Building - Room 8-150
Contact: Sophie W. Warlop


Apr 30, 2012WB-IZA-OECD Conference on Employment & Activation Policies, Istanbul, Turkey
Date: Apr 30 - May 01
Contact: Rita Kullberg Almeida


Apr 20, 2012ILO/World Bank Discussion "Jobs and Policy Responses to the Financial and Economic Crisis"
Location: Room I2-250

Dec 08, 2011Regional Labor Market Course for East Asia and Pacific
Date: Dec 08 - Dec 14

Nov 07, 2011BBL - Admission Schemes for Foreign Workers: A Labor Market Tool for National Economic Development
Location: Room G8-011
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Nov 06, 2011ECA Activation Conference 2011
Date: Nov 06 - Nov 08

Sep 22, 2011BBL - Assessing Redistribution within Social Insurance Systems: The Cases of Brazil, Chile, Mexico and Uruguay
Location: Room G7-011

Sep 15, 2011BBL - Closing the Opportunity Divide
Location: Room G7-011

Jun 13, 2011BBL - Severance Pay Programs around the World: History, Rationale, Status, and Reforms
Location: G7 - 11
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Jun 07, 2011Getting Young People into Productive Work: Results from the Youth and Activation Evaluation Cluster

May 30, 20116th IZA/WB Conference: Employment and Development
Date: May 30 - May 31

May 19, 2011BBL - Does Expanding Health Insurance Beyond Formal-Sector Workers Encourage Informality? Measuring the Impact of Mexico's Seguro Popular
Location: Room MC10-100

Mar 28, 2011Labor Markets Core Course 2011
Date: Mar 28 - Apr 08

Mar 17, 2011BBL - Why is the informal Normal in Low Income Sub-Saharan Africa?
Location: MC6-100
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Feb 17, 2011BBL - Informality in Latin America and the Caribbean
Location: Room I12-420
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Jan 18, 2011World Bank Begins Preparing New Social Protection & Labor Strategy
Date: Jan 18 - Oct 31

Oct 25, 2010Promoting Job Quality & Productive Employment in the Middle East & North Africa: What Works?
Date: Oct 25 - Oct 29

May 27, 2010BBL - Intersectoral Labor Mobility & the Growth of the Service Sector
Location: Room G7-161
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


May 05, 2010BBL - Youth Employment in South Africa: What Have We Learned?
Location: Room G7-161
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


May 03, 20105th IZA/World Bank Conference on Employment & Development: Cape Town, South Africa
Date: May 03 - May 04

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