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Pension Reform Primer Notes

The World Bank Pension Reform Primer aims to provide a comprehensive toolkit for policy makers on designing and implementing pension reform.  It is based on continuously updated information from countries that have introduced reforms emphasizing the role of privately-managed individual retirement accounts.  Their experience offers a number of useful lessons for policy-makers elsewhere.  The Primer is comprised of both Papers and short Notes (below).

 The Financial Crisis and Mandatory Pension Systems in Developing Countries: Short- and Medium-term Responses for Retirement Income Systems (227kb pdf), 12/08

 The World Bank Pension Conceptual Framework (183kb pdf), 09/08

 Veterans: Pensions and Other Compensation in Post-conflict Countries (235kb pdf), 11/04

 Second Pillars: Provider and Product Selection for Funded Individual Accounts (130kb pdf), 10/02
 Also available in French (458kb pdf) and Spanish (373kb pdf)

 Transition: Paying for a Shift from Pay-as-You-Go Financing to Funded Pensions (100kb pdf), 09/01

 Notional Accounts: Notional Defined Contribution Plans as a Pension Reform Strategy (87kb pdf), 09/01
 Also available in French (293kb pdf)

 Coverage: The Scope of Protection in Retirement Income Systems (133kb pdf), 09/01
 Also available in French (287kb pdf) and Spanish (283kb pdf)

 Portfolio Limits: Pension Investment Restrictions Compromise Fund Performance (111kb pdf), 06/00
 Also available in French (5.8mb pdf) and Spanish (137kb pdf)

 Administrative Charges: Options and Arguments for Controlling Fees for Funded Pensions (3.9mb pdf), 07/00
 Also available in French (879kb pdf) and Spanish (89kb pdf)

 Guarantees: Counting the Cost of Guaranteeing Defined Contribution Pensions (2.6mb pdf), 07/00
 Also available in French (203kb pdf) and Spanish (69kb pdf)

 Collection: Transferring Contributions to Individual Pension Accounts (1.7mb pdf), 06/00
 Also available in French (46kb pdf) and Spanish (66kb pdf)

 Annuities: Regulating Withdrawals from Individual Pension Accounts (3.1mb pdf), 02/00
 Also available in French (82kb pdf) and Spanish (103kb pdf)

 Modeling Pension Reform: The World Bank’s Pension Reform Options Simulation Toolkit (153kb pdf), 11/10

 Retirement: Can Pension Reform Reverse the Trend to Earlier Retirement? (3.7mb pdf), 01/00
 Also available in French (90kb pdf) and Spanish (105kb pdf)

 Public Management: Part I: How Well Do Governments Invest Pension Reserves? (80kb pdf), 01/00
 Also available in French (5.7mb pdf) and Spanish (92kb pdf)

 Taxation: The Tax Treatment of Funded Pensions (2.2mb pdf), 06/99
 Also available in French (60kb pdf) and Spanish (2.1mb pdf)

 Supervision: Building Public Confidence in Mandatory Funded Pensions (2.5mb pdf), 06/99
 Also available in French (59kb pdf) and Spanish (75kb pdf)

 Switching: The Role of Choice in the Transition to a Funded Pension System (4.2mb pdf), 06/99
 Also available in French (99kb pdf) and Spanish (111kb pdf)

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