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World Bank Pensions Core Course 2011

Sponsor: Human Development Network

World Bank Pensions Core Course 2011

This course provided policymakers, pension fund administrators and other key stakeholders involved in pension policy and implementation with an overview of the latest thinking about pension design and management, analytical tools for formulation of reform options, and a review of lessons from recent pension reforms around the world. The program combined in-depth analysis of pension reform issues with country case studies and country reform exercises.


  • Present the main issues and concepts in public and private pension systems, including adequacy, affordability and sustainability of current schemes and the need for reform
  • Evaluate the main reform options
  • Learn from country experience including those that have adopted or are in the process of considering reforms
  • Analyze performance in pension governance, administration, and investment management

Target Audience

  • Policymakers and technical staff with responsibilities in the design and implementation of pension policy
  • High level staff of pension and social security administration and supervision agencies
  • Pension fund staff and other key stakeholders affiliated with pension funds in developing counties

  • A framework for analysis of pension policy design and performance
  • Diagnostic tools in diagnosing baseline reform needs and projecting the impact of reform options
  • Projecting pension liabilities with the World Bank PROST model
  • Pension reform options including:
    • parametric reforms
    • multipillar schemes
    • notional accounts
    • non-contributory arrangements
    • voluntary schemes
    • regulatory reforms
  • Extending coverage through non-contributory social pensions
  • Reforms for civil service pension schemes
  • Institutions, governance and administration of pension systems
  • Managing public pension reserves
  • Regulation and supervision of pension systems
  • Annuitization of pensions
  • Disability and survivorship pensions
  • Case studies and examples from developed and developing countries

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