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May 31, 2012FIAP International Seminar 2012 "Opportunities and Challenges for Individually-Funded Systems in a Globalised World"
Date: May 31 - Jun 01

Nov 07, 2011World Bank Pensions Core Course 2011
Date: Nov 07 - Nov 18
Contact: Sophie W. Warlop


Jun 09, 2011BBL- Indonesian Pension Reform Issues
Location: MC9 - 100
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Jun 08, 2011BBL - Intergenerational Solidarity in an Aging World
Location: MC C2-131
Contact: Melvina E. Clarke


Jun 06, 2011The Potential for Matching Defined Contributions (MDC) Design Features in Pension Systems to Increase Coverage in Low and Middle Income Countries
Date: Jun 06 - Jun 07
Location: Room I2 - 220

May 19, 20112011 FIAP Intl Seminar - "Advancing in the Strengthening and Consolidation of the Individually Funded Pension Systems"
Date: May 19 - May 20

Jan 18, 2011World Bank Begins Preparing New Social Protection & Labor Strategy
Date: Jan 18 - Oct 31

Nov 08, 2010World Bank Pensions Core Course 2010
Date: Nov 08 - Nov 19

Mar 17, 2010Book Launch - "Evaluating the Financial Performance of Pension Funds"
Location: Auditorium JB1-050

Nov 18, 2009Closing the Coverage Gap
Location: Room MC-C2-131
Contact: Amira Nikolas


Nov 09, 2009World Bank Pensions Core Course 2009
Date: Nov 09 - Nov 20

Apr 07, 2009BBL - Evaluating Innovations in Pension Coverage: A Randomized Experiment Extending Non-Contributory Pensions in Mexico
Location: Room G7-161
Contact: Amira Nikolas


Jan 13, 2009BBL - Financial Crisis & Mandatory Pension Systems in Developing Countries: Short and Medium-term Responses for Retirement Income Systems
Location: Room G7-119
Contact: Francine A. Pagsibigan


Nov 10, 2008World Bank Core Course on Pensions 2008
Date: Nov 10 - Nov 21

Jul 09, 2008Food & Energy Price Increases & Policy Options Workshop
Date: Jul 09 - Jul 10
Location: Room I 2-250
Contact: Manorama Rani


Feb 20, 2008WB-MOF-Hitotsubashi Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap: Role of Social Pensions
Date: Feb 20 - Feb 22

Dec 09, 2007Regional Conference on Pensions for the Middle East & North Africa
Date: Dec 09 - Dec 11

Nov 05, 2007World Bank Core Course on Pensions 2007
Date: Nov 05 - Nov 25

Oct 24, 2007ADePT: STATA Software Platform for Automated Economic Analysis

Sep 10, 2007Reducing Fraud and Error in Social Protection Programs in the UK: What it takes?
Date: Sep 10 - Sep 07

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