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For Protection & Promotion: The Design & Implementation of Effective Safety Nets

For Protection and Promotion Cover ImageThe role of safety nets in reducing poverty and vulnerability is increasingly recognized in social policy.  Well designed safety nets can play a productive role in promoting development, as well as redistributing wealth to the most vulnerable. 

Drawing on research, policy, and operational documents from the World Bank’s work with over 100 countries, "For Protection & Promotion" provides comprehensive guidance on the design and implementation of cost-effective safety nets, including how to define eligibility and select beneficiaries, set and pay benefits, and monitor and evaluate programs and systems.

Marking the first major Bank publication on the topic in over ten years, the book synthesizes the literature to date and enriches it with new examples on various program options - cash transfers (conditional and unconditional), in-kind transfers, price subsidies, fee waivers, and public works.

Country experiences are provided throughout.  Guidance for the customization of safety nets is explored in six settings – low income, middle income, in or following an economic crisis, following natural disasters and using safety nets to facility reform, and for rising food prices.

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