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Social Safety Nets - Newsletter Issue No. 5 – February 2010

Social Safety Net Hub Team

NEW Social Safety Nets Publications Database

As part of our ongoing efforts to support research and operations, we are pleased to launch our revamped publications database. The database now contains over 1,500 discussion papers, reports and books, primer publications, notes and articles on different aspects of safety nets program design and implementation. The database also introduces a number of useful new functions for users. Entries are searchable by keyword, as well as multiple search categories including region/country, language, topics, program interventions. We are working to improve content and functionality in coming months and welcome your feedback.


Making Diagnostic Work Easier – AdePT Social Protection User Manual

Fishermen prepare nets on shore of Lake Victoria. Tanzania. Photo: Scott Wallace / World Bank

ADePT Social Protection is a software designed to facilitate the incidence analysis of social protection transfers. It can create standardized tables and graphs that examine the coverage of SP programs, their impact on poverty and inequality, cost-benefit rations, targeting errors, and so on, for individual or multiple programs. A first version of the User’s Manual is now readily available. Besides describing how to install the software, the manual also indicates how to prepare data and interpret results as well as how to simulate outcomes for newly introduced or restructured programs.


Safety Nets Core Course Graduation Class 2010

Safety Nets Core  Course Graduation Class 2010

Despite extreme weather conditions, 87 participants successfully completed the annual core course on social safety nets: “For Protection and Promotion: the Design and Implementation of Effective Safety Nets” from February 1st to 12th. The course introduced the latest research findings by the World Bank and other academic institutions and drew lessons for low-income, middle-income and accession countries. Congratulations to all course participants.

Newly Approved Social Safety Net Projects

In the last quarter the Bank approved the following projects with Safety Net components. For a comprehensive list of safety net projects please visit our projects portal page.

Region/Country Project ID / TitleTheme AllocationTotal
Grant Amount
Fiscal, Social and Financial Sector Development Policy Loan
54 (15%)44.5DPL
Second Additional Financing to the Second Social Investment Fund Project
54 (50%)
56 (25%)
87 (25%)
PH-Social Welfare and Development Reform
54 (100%)405.0SIL
ECA/Kyrgyz RepublicP115524
Second Village Investment Project - Additional Financing
56 (13%)1.0SIL
Public Expenditure DPL
54 (25%)25.0DPL
JO-Recovery under Global Uncertainty DPL
56 (50%)150.0DPL
LCR/Dominican RepublicP116972
First Performance and Accountability of Social Sectors DPL
54 (25%)37.5DPL
Expanding Opportunities for Vulnerable Groups
54 (40%)
68 (20%)
Third Programmatic Fiscal Management and Competitiveness Development DPL
87 (12%)18.0DPL
Health Sector Dev II - Additional Financing
68 (14%)5.6APL
ECA/Macedonia, FYRP116984
54 (17%)5.1DPL


News and Events

In the news: Wahenga & The World Bank debate on CCTs

Food Crisis May Repeat, Warn Leaders in Global Hunger Fight


Senior Social  Protection Specialist World Bank

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