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Social Safety Nets - Newsletter Issue No. 7 – October 2010

Social Safety Net Hub Team

‘Safety Nets How To’ Online Toolkit (Version 1)

How To Figure

Safety Nets How To is a resource guide for practitioners involved in the design and implementation of social protection systems. It pulls together summary information, country cases and guidelines on key processes and cross-cutting issues, with lessons for everyday program implementation. The information is organized in a standardized, concise and accessible format and draws on best practices across a variety of contexts, including middle-income, low-income and fragile states. This portal is a living product. Feedback and suggestions are welcome so that the content can be enriched and an enhanced version 2 can be developed in the future. In particular we are interested in addressing any information gap on key topics.

Updated Safety Nets Publications Database

Updated Safety Nets Publications DatabaseAs part of our ongoing efforts to support research and operations with most recent resources, we have updated our publications database. More than 150 new publications from public works and school feeding papers as well as safety nets in general were recently added to the database. The database now contains over 1,900 publications among discussion papers, reports and books, primer publications, notes and articles on different aspects of safety nets program design and implementation. You can search publications by keyword, as well as multiple search categories including region/country, language, topics, program interventions. We will be working to continuously keep content updated in coming months.

Safety Nets in Low-Income Countries Moving Beyond the Crisis

Safety Nets Core  Course Graduation Class 2010In response to the triple wave of financial, food and fuel crises, World Bank lending for safety nets since September 2008 (fiscal years (FY) 2009-2011) has reached more than US$7.4 billion in 68 countries, more than six times the pre-crisis lending amount level of US$1.2 billion (FY06-08). Twenty-seven percent of the total FY09-11 commitment (US$2.0 billion) supported projects in 36 low-income countries, mostly in Africa and South Asia. In many low-income countries, the World Bank is achieving tangible results in its support for safety net interventions. This achievement includes success in established programs, as well as in initiatives introduced in response to the global crisis.
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Toolkit on Simulating the Impact of Un/Conditional Cash Transfers on Children Behavior

Toolkit on Simulating the Impact of Un/Conditional Cash Transfers on Children Behavior

Conditional Cash Transfers (CCTs) and Unconditional Cash Transfers (UCTs) have been successfully implemented in many middle countries. However, despite vast literature about their impact on children behavior and poverty, various questions about program design features (e.g. benefit amount, conditional or unconditional programs, etc) remain unanswered. In order to help practitioners and policymakers (re)design CCTs or UCTs that intend to improve human capital accumulation of children through education, this toolkit provides a how-to guide in the application of a micro-simulation model that enables users to analyze and compare several alternative scenarios on the basis of representative household survey data. The toolkit (2mb zip) can thus be used in selecting the most cost-effective and cost-benefit design.

Social Protection: From Jargon to reality
The case of Pakistan

Social Protection: From Jargon to reality

We are pleased to present an update sent by the South Asia Social Protection Team on a safety nets program in Pakistan – The Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP). The update presents the context in which BISP was designed, the main challenges that the program faces as the security situation and internal conflict seem to worsen and natural disasters repeatedly beat the country, and the way forward.
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Newly Approved Social Safety Nets

In the last quarter the Bank approved the following projects with Safety Net components. For a comprehensive list of safety net projects please visit our projects portal page.

Project Name/IDCommitment Amount*Product LineCountry/
Approval Date/Status
Sustainable Employment Development Policy Program
 Special FinancingKosovo30-Sept-2010
ID-TF Additional Financing for the PNPM-Rural III (USAID GRANT)
63.8Recipient Executed ActivitiesIndonesia27-Sept-2010
WBG Support for Fiscal Sustainability and Public Financial Management
40Special FinancingWest Bank and Gaza16-Sept-2010
Second Bolsa Família
Georgia: Second Development Policy Operation (DPO-2)
Support to the Government of Kenya For Social Protection Programming

 Recipient Executed Activitieskenia09-Jul-2010
GZ-Palestinian P. NGO IV
2Special FinancingWest Bank and Gaza8-Jul-2010
Benin Community Development Project Additional Financing


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