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Social Safety Nets - Newsletter Issue No. 8 – February 2011

Social Safety Net Hub Team

Social Protection Strategy 2012 Consultations

Social Protection Strategy 2012 Consultations
The world is very different today than in 2001 when the first World Bank Social Protection & Labor Strategy was launched. Not only is it increasingly recognized that social protection is essential in times of crisis but also that in a world constantly buffeted by change, well-performing social protection systems are indispensable ingredients of sustainable growth. To respond more effectively to the emerging, fast-changing and challenging global demands expected in the next decade, the World Bank is preparing a new Social Protection & Labor Strategy. We are consulting with a broad range of governments, development partners, civil society organizations, private sector, academics and other stakeholders to discuss first-hand how the World Bank can reduce poverty and inequality and help build human potential.
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Food Price Watch

Food Price WatchGlobal food prices continue to rise. According to the latest edition of the Food Price Watch, the World Bank’s food price index increased by 15% between October 2010 and January 2011 and is only 3% below its 2008 peak. The last six months have seen sharp increases in the global prices of wheat, maize, sugar and edible oils, with a relatively smaller increase in rice prices. As a result of these price rises since June 2010, estimates of those who fall into, and move out of, poverty show there is a net increase in extreme poverty of about 44 million people in low- and middle-income countries. Read more about this story.

Social Policy, Perceptions & the Press
Analysis of Media Treatment of CCTs in Brazil

Social Policy, Perceptions & the Press Analysis of Media Treatment of CCTs in Brazil
This paper analyzes perceptions about CCTs as portrayed and debated in free and debated press in Brazil. The analysis shows that CCTs have been highly visible in the Brazilian press, and the frequency of media coverage expanded as the programs scaled up. It also finds that while the press may endorse the overall concept of CCTs, the quality of implementation matters not only for program effectiveness but for public acceptance. Without claiming causality, the authors observe several junctures in which the interplay between vibrant public scrutiny and debate in the media and proactive and transparent actions by the Government seems to have contributed to strengthening the program.

Impact Evaluation in Practice: A New Guide

Impact Evaluation in Practice: A New Guide

Impact Evaluation in Practice ( presents a non-technical overview of how to design and use impact evaluation to build more effective programs to alleviate poverty and improve people’s lives. Aimed at policymakers, project managers and development practitioners, the book offers experts and non-experts alike a review of why impact evaluations are important and how they are designed and implemented. The goal is to further the ability of policymakers and practitioners to use impact evaluations to help make policy decisions based on evidence of what works the most effectively.

‘Safety Nets How To’ Online Toolkit

How to figure
Safety Nets How To
is a resource guide for practitioners involved in the design and implementation of social protection systems. It pulls together summary information, country cases and guidelines on key processes and cross-cutting issues, with lessons for everyday program implementation. The information is organized in a standardized, concise and accessible format and draws on best practices across a variety of contexts, including middle-income, low-income and fragile states. This portal is a living product. Feedback and suggestions are welcome so that the content can be enriched and an enhanced version 2 can be developed in the future. In particular we are interested in addressing any information gap on key topics. You can now download the pdf version of all pages.

Newly Approved Social Safety Nets

In the last quarter the Bank approved the following projects with Safety Net components. For a comprehensive list of safety net projects please visit our projects portal page.

Project Name/ID

Commitment Amount (in US$ M)
Product Line
Approval Date/Status
Yemen, Republic of
Recipient Executed Activities
Dominican Republic
Special Financing
West Bank and Gaza

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