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Social Safety Nets - Newsletter Issue No. 12 - March 2012

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Social Safety Net Hub Team

Social Safety Nets Core Course – Session Presentations and Videos now online!

From December 5th-16th, 2011, 92 policymakers, development partners and academics attended the annual Core Course “For Protection and Promotion: The Design and Implementation of Effective Social Safety Nets.” The course helped participants think through key questions related to the design and implementation of safety nets, policy implications of establishing integrated systems, and new developments on activation and graduation programs. The course presentations and multimedia clips are now available online.

From Evidence to Policy - Do School Feeding Programs Work?

From Evidence to Policy - Do School Feeding Programs Work?

In Burkina Faso, Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Uganda, World Bank researchers teamed up with the World Food Programme (WFP) to evaluate the impact of school feeding and take-home rations programs. The resulting policy note “Do School Feeding Programs Work?”, evidences that, when properly implemented, school feeding programs can raise enrollment and lead to better learning.

The Cash Dividend: The Rise of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Cash Dividend: The Rise of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan AfricaThe Africa Human Development Department of the World Bank (AFTSP) recently published "The Cash Dividend: The rise of Cash Transfer Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa". The book assimilates results of a thorough review of CT Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. The comprehensive nature of the review fills an important knowledge gap related to CT Programs in the region and it’s expected to guide both program design and further research on the topic.

Control and Accountability in Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)

Control and Accountability in CCTs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)The Social Protection Unit of the Latin America and Caribbean Region (LAC), launched the policy note on Control and Accountability in CCTs in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC). The note seeks to provide CCT practitioners with tools and good practices to oversee the control and accountability of their programs, and offer guidance on selecting appropriate mechanisms.

Rapid Social Response Program Stories at a Glance

Rapid Social Response Program

In response to the triple wave of food, fuel and financial crises, the World Bank established the Rapid Social Response (RSR) program. In Ethiopia, RSR funding will support the improvement of nutrition data collection and analysis, and help build capacity to respond to worsening nutrition situations. The RSR is also providing financial support to the Ethiopian Health and Nutrition Research Institute to improve overall management of nutrition data in the country.

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Newly Approved Social Safety Nets

In the last quarter the Bank approved the following projects with Safety Net components. For a comprehensive list of safety net projects please visit our projects portal page.

Project Name/ID

Commitment Amount (in US$ M)

Product Line


Approval Date/Status

Pakistan: Social Safety Net Project - Additional Financing/ P125793






GPRC-2 Supplemental Financing/ P129793





Third Development Policy Operation/ P122195





Decentralized Service Delivery Program II/ P119355



Sierra Leone


Health Services and Social Assistance Additional Financing/P125719






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