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South-South Learning Forum 2012: Building Resilience and Opportunity

Sponsor: Human Development Network

Social Protection & Labor South-South Learning Forum 2012
with the Jobs Knowledge Platform

The Role of Labor and Social Assistance Policies

Hyderabad, India
30 October – 3 November 2012

This year’s forum focused on labor market (LM) and social assistance (SA) policies and programs developed in response to a global jobs crisis. There is an urgent need for an integrated and efficient delivery of labor market and income protection policies to promote work opportunities and improve standard of living while providing resources for maintenance and resilience in livelihoods. In this context, the objectives of the learning forum are:

  1. To foster improved understanding of the issues surrounding the jobs crisis, its consequences, and policy priorities considering structural challenges in each country;
  2. To promote dissemination of innovative and effective practices in the delivery of individual LM and IP programs and to examine their effectiveness;
  3. To share emerging experiences among professionals and development practitioners from client countries and their Bank counterparts on good practices, know-how and operational and institutional aspects of selected LM and IP programs in low income countries;
  4. To continue investing in the “community of practice” for sharing knowledge and expertise through informal and facilitated mechanisms by building on the success and knowledge generated by the three preceding Forums (in Cairo, Arusha, and Addis Ababa).

The Learning Forum drew more than 200 high level representatives each year, from government institutions, development partner agencies, and other implementing agencies from client LICs and FSs and middle income countries (MICs) as resource countries from all regions. The forum has been serving as an important platform to exchange ideas and share experiences among policy makers. The forum was spread over 5 days and consisted of presentations by experts on conceptual topics, presentations on case studies, panel and plenary discussions, and field visits. The agenda was structured to ensure adequate exchange on design and implementation of LM and SA policies to improve employability and to facilitate job creation while promoting welfare of workers and households.

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