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Pension Reform Primer

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The World Bank Pension Reform Primer aims to provide a comprehensive toolkit for policy-makers on designing and implementing pension reform.  It is based on continuously updated information from countries that have introduced reforms emphasizing the role of privately-managed individual retirement accounts.  Their experience offers a number of useful lessons for policy-makers elsewhere.

The World Bank set out a conceptual framework for fundamental pension reform in "Averting the Old Age Crisis: Policies to Protect the Old and Promote Growth."  This study, published in 1994, helped shape the global debate about the impact of population ageing on pension systems.  The Pension Reform Primer is a sequel to this pioneering work, building on the experience of the World Bank and other international institutions and focusing on practical questions.

The Primer is comprised of both Papers and short Notes that cover:

  • regional and country studies;
  • options and the arguments in different areas of pension policy;
  • pension system design;
  • administrative, regulatory and supervisory issues.

Contributors to the Primer are drawn from the World Bank, other international organizations, governments and regulators, academia and consulting firms.

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