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Vulnerability - Image - Children

Social funds projects have the potential to be more responsive to the priorities of the poor, increase the power of poor communities to negotiate with government, private sector, and civil society, and increase sustainability.  In order to fulfill this potential, social funds need to be responsive to the priorities of all groups among the poor.  In the context of demand driven programs, representative community-based organizations can provide voice and empowerment to minority groups that are typically excluded from the development process.

A vulnerable group is a population that has some specific characteristics that make it at higher risk of falling into poverty than others living in areas targeted by a project.  Vulnerable groups include the elderly, the mentally and physically disabled, at-risk children and youth, ex-combatants, internally displaced people and returning refugees, HIV/AIDS- affected individuals and households, religious and ethnic minorities and, in some societies, women. More…

Social funds can play a vital role in raising awareness about gender-specific issues.  Since social funds are intended to stimulate local capacity, they have become an integral part of many poverty alleviation strategies.  As a result, the community focus of social fund projects engages the poor more fully in the project cycle.  Given that such community involvement calls for the participation of both men and women, greater understanding of the gender norms and practices of the specific community is necessary. More…

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