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Can Multisectoral Operations Effectively Implement Public Works Programs?, Nov. 8, 2005

Begins:   Nov 08, 2005 09:00
Ends:   Nov 08, 2005 12:00

Social Funds: Exploring New Frontiers Series
Session II
November 8, 2005

In the last decade, social funds have taken the lead in applying CDD approaches – currently used by more than half of the social fund operations, supporting decentralization processes, and delivering basic services such as health and education, rural water supply and sanitation, and strengthening linkages between local actors and the private sector.  Social funds have proven to be flexible, innovative, and cost effective institutions.  Evidence shows that they have taken on new challenges and delivered them well.

In Public Works Programs (PWPs), disaster stories outnumber success stories.  Yet, evidence suggests that the programs, if well designed and implemented, could confer both transfer and stabilization benefits at critical times.  Many of the countries where public workfare seems a natural, but unrealized, part of a safety net have social funds.  This brings the question of whether social funds are a suitable vehicle for delivering public works programs.

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1) "The Design and Implementation of Workfare Programs"
by Polly Jones, Lead Operations Officer, LSCHD
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2) "Social Funds Support to PWPs in Africa: Mutual Reinforcement: What the Experience Says"
by Norbert Mugwagwa, Operations Adviser, AFTHD
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3) Q&A
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