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Monitoring & Evaluation

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Monitoring involves the continuous and systematic collection and analysis of data, while evaluation is the objective assessment of an ongoing or completed project. Strong, effective monitoring and evaluation is essential to successful social fund projects because it allows stakeholders, project managers and governments to determine how well projects are meeting objectives.  Monitoring and evaluation build greater transparency and accountability while providing project staff with a clearer view of the use of project resources and the process for decision-making.  Future project planning and development is improved when guided by lessons learned from project experience.

The Social Funds Team works in close coordination with the Community Driven Development (CDD) Group of the World Bank Social Development Department. Comprehensive information on M&E has been developed collaboratively and can be accessed here.  Although the content is shared, please note that the link will take you to the "Monitoring and Evaluation" section of the CDD web site.

 Related Reading

Results Readiness in Social Protection and Labor Operations: Technical Guidance Notes for Social Funds Task Teams (499kb pdf)
Social Protection Discussion Paper No. 1104; Publication Date: 02/11
by Julie Van Domelen

Evaluating Social Fund Impact: A Toolkit for Task Teams and Social Fund Managers (362KB PDF)
Social Protection Discussion Paper No. 0611; October 2006.
by Sarah Adam

Evaluating Social Fund Performance: A Cross-Country Analysis of Community Investments
World Bank, 2003
by Laura Rawlings, Lynne Sherburne-Benz and Julie Van Domelen

Sleeping on our own mats: An introductory guide to community-based monitoring and evaluation. World Bank, 2002
Community-Based Monitoring and Evaluation Team

Beneficiary Assessment Manual for Social Funds (88KB PDF)
Social Protection Discussion Paper No. 9930; December 1999.
by Lawrence F. Salmen

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