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Employment Creation & Public Works Programs

Employment Creation and Public Works Programs - Image - People working in the maintenance of public roads

The creation of employment through the financing of public works is one way in which social funds transfer cash to the poor. Public works programs in social funds complement vulnerable households’ own efforts to address their challenges of food insecurity, medical bills, education for their children, clothing, etc.

People in need receive a wage for their work, while at the same time contributing towards the creation of public assets from which everyone in the community can benefit. These programs contribute substantively to greater individual and collective well-being. Some examples of such projects include roads, markets, drainage, health centers, schools, and water supply

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Country Cases

Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) Public Works Program Handbook (231kb pdf)
Though based on the Malawi Public Works Program, this document serves as a guide to presenting key features such as targeting, finance, and monitoring & evaluation for implementing a public works program.

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) Public Works Programme Handbook (161kb pdf) 
The Public Works Component is one of the three project components under TASAF and is designed to provide an effective safety net for targeted persons from vulnerable households in identified poor communities.

Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) Public Works Programme – Tool Templates (472kb pdf) These templates are provided for implementing public works projects. They include: report on awareness raising and targeting, report on community sensitization and beneficiaries targeting, letter of submission, subproject desk appraisal form, subproject field appraisal form, public works project application form, monthly project implementation chart, monthly resources, requirements