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Financing Productive Assets through Social Funds & CDD Operations, Jan. 17, 2006

Begins:   Jan 17, 2006 12:30
Ends:   Jan 17, 2006 14:00

Social Funds: Exploring New Frontiers Series
Session IV

The objective of the workshop was to provide guidance to World Bank staff on how income generating activities can be financed in the Bank context, in particular within Social Funds and projects using a CDD approach.  Using participatory methods, the workshop explored the pros and cons of grant financing vs. loan financing.  For situations where grant financing is most suitable, some lessons of experience were presented and discussed.  For situations where loan financing is most suitable, the workshop covered ways that access to financial services can be established, particularly in remote rural areas where there are no formal financial institutions or MFIs.  The workshop also included ways to combine grants and loans.

This workshop was a repeat of a workshop held on November 16, 2005.  The majority of presentations/video below are from the first workshop.

Blue Arrow Graphic Agenda (12kb pdf)


1) "Financing Productive Assets in Social Funds and CDD Operations" by Sándor Sipos
Blue Arrow Graphic Video  ◘  Presentation (107kb pdf)

2) "Financing Productive Assets in Social Funds and CDD: How should income generating activities be financed: Loans or Grants?" by Anne Ritchie
Blue Arrow Graphic Presentation (259kb pdf))

3) Q&A
Blue Arrow Graphic Video

4) Panel Discussion
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