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Lessons Emerging from QAG Reviews of Social Fund/Community Driven Development Ops

Begins:   Mar 15, 2006 12:00
Ends:   Mar 15, 2006 14:00

Findings of the review were presented by Prem Garg, Director, QAG and was based on a sampling of 90 operations from Quality at Entry (QEAEA4-7) and Quality of Supervision (QSA 5-6 SF/CDD operations).  The results highlighted that SF/CDD operations are a strong cohort (better satisfactory outcomes and Quality of Supervision), despite being designed and implemented under challenging country circumstances.

Presentations by Luis Constantino (Sector Manager, MNSRE) and Caroline Mascarell (Senior Operations Officer, ECSHD) reinforced the messages emerging from the QAG findings.

The key messages from the QAG presentation are outlined below:

  • Development effectiveness: good ratings on Development Effectiveness as compared with Bank-wide ratings.
  • Outcomes: lower percentage of unsatisfactory outcomes (this is a significant accomplishment since these operations are operating under challenging country circumstances).
  • Likely sustainability: likely sustainability was higher than HD and Bank-wide averages.
  • Institutional development: substantially stronger on institutional development as compared to HD and Bank-wide averages.
  • Portfolio management: social fund/CDD operations generally do better than the Bank-wide projects in recognizing risks.  This is reflected in high realism and pro-activity ratings.
  • Quality at Entry: are on par with Bank for  strategic relevance and approach, technical financial and economic aspects, poverty and social aspects, fiduciary aspects, policy and institutional aspects and risk assessment.
  • Quality of Supervision: overall ratings are ahead of HD and Bank’s overall performance.

Video Enhanced Presentations

Blue Arrow Graphic "Lessons From Emerging QAG: Review of SF/CDD Operations" by Sándor Sipos, Sector Manager, HNDSP

Blue Arrow Graphic "Operational Quality of SF/CDD Operations: Some Trends and Issues" by Prem Garg, Director, QAG

Blue Arrow Graphic "Macedonia Community Development Project: Lessons from QAG Review" by Caroline Mascarell, Sr.Operations Officer, ECSHD

Blue Arrow Graphic "India Chattisgarh District Rural Poverty Project: What We Learned from the QAG Review" by Luis Constantino, Sector Manager, MNSRE

Blue Arrow Graphic Panel Q&A Session

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