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Role of NGOs & Communities in Post-Conflict Reconstruction of HD Services

Location:   MC9-100
Begins:   Nov 08, 2006 14:00
Ends:   Nov 08, 2006 17:30

This course was based on recent Bank experience in post-conflict countries, Afghanistan, Sierra Leone and Liberia.  The focus was on how to improve HD service delivery through Bank emergency operations by using NGOs as the main implementing partners (health sector in Afghanistan) and community participation (Sierra Leone, Liberia, and the education sector in Afghanistan).  The presentations took advantage of recent evaluations including: (i) a beneficiary assessment of the Bank CDD project in Sierra Leone (NSAP); (ii) an update of the social assessment in Liberia focusing on community and NGO participation in local development; and (iii) controlled before-and-after evaluations in the health sector in Afghanistan.

This session provided participants with an understanding of major issues facing provision of HD services in post-conflict settings.  In particular the course provided some direct operational experience on:  i) how NGOs can effectively be used to provide HD services and what is the role of communities in ensuring sustainable and quality services; and ii) aspects of participation, ownership and accountability required from NGOs, communities and public authorities in delivering HD services.


I.  HD Services in Post-Conflict Settings/Role of NGOs and Communities

red arrow "The role of NGOs and Communities in Post-conflict Reconstruction of HD Services" (33kb pdf) by Giuseppe Zampaglione

red arrow "Beneficiary Assessment of NSAP, Sierra Leone" (95kb pdf) by Aki Stavrou

red arrow "Contracting with NGOs in Afghanistan: Initial Results and Implications for other Post-Conflict Settings" (90kb pdf) by Benjamin Loevinsohn

II.  Participation and Accountability

red arrow "Liberia Rapid Social Assessment: Communities as Drivers of Change" (2mb pdf) by Steve Archibald

red arrow "Education in a Post-Conflict Environment: The Role of Communities, NGOs and the State - Case of Afghanistan" (1,617kb pdf) by Scherezad Latif and Habibullah Wajdi

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