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ADePT: STATA Software Platform for Automated Economic Analysis

Begins:   Oct 24, 2007 12:30
Ends:   Oct 24, 2007 14:00

Presented by
Michael M. Lokshin
Senior Economist, DECRG

red arrowPresentation (390kb pdf)

Michael Lokshin presented a new set of computational tools designed to simplify the production of poverty updates, the poverty profile/dynamics chapters of poverty assessment, analysis of the labor market, and other applications.  The new set of computational tools, written in STATA, can quickly create tables/graphs that are used in the typical poverty assessment/labor and other (gender, education, health) studies in the Bank.  The mapping tool allows the output of any economic indicator on a geographical country map by combining GIS files of geographic information with the user-provided datasets (LSMS-, DHS-, LFS-, or any other types of surveys).  The presenter demonstrated the program and discussed its potential applications.

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