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BBL - The Benin Community Driven Development Support Program: Streamlining CDD into Local Govt. & Public Sector

Location:   Room MC C2-131
Begins:   Jan 16, 2008 12:00
Ends:   Jan 16, 2008 14:00
Contact Person:   Gertrude Mulenga Banda

The Social Protection & Labor Sector (HDNSP) of the Human Development Network and Africa Human Development (AFTH2) were pleased to present

Franck Tigri, Executive Secretary, PNDCC

Chaired by Serge Theunynck and Mirey Ovadiya

Benin is a case of a successful transition of a social fund into a more comprehensive local development program in Africa. The Benin National Community Driven Development Support Program (PNDCC) has built upon the experiences of the Benin Social Fund and successfully brought together local councils and communities on local planning and social and economic development.  Over the last two years, local governments have adopted the CDD approach as the way they conduct local development. Two years of experience and initial round of assessments indicate that both communities and local governments are satisfied with the results of this partnership and the new way of doing business.  Another important success within the program has been its collaboration with sector ministries.  A number of ministries have already moved towards streamlining community driven approaches into their core business.  The program also features a micro-finance component which is innovative and promising with an objective to improve access to credit by rural populations.  The presentation provided details on the experience to date and discuss sustainability of these results.

red arrow"Les Acquis de la Mise en Oeuvre du DCC au Benin" (2.2mb pdf) - Presentation in French
About the Speaker

Mr. Franck Tigri is the Executive Secretary of the National Community Driven Development Program.  He has a Master's Degree in human resource management and economics and planning.

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