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Effective Crisis Response: Role of Social Funds in Natural Disasters (HD Learning Week 2008)

Location:   Room MC13-121
Begins:   Nov 11, 2008 14:00
Ends:   Nov 11, 2008 17:00

Kamran Akbar, COO, Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, Pakistan
Paul Chipeta, Program Adviser, Malawi Social Action Fund, Malawi
Cynthia Burton, Consultant, HDNSP, World Bank

Robert Holzmann, Director HDNSP, World Bank

Disaster response efforts in developing countries have featured a key role for social fund and CDD operations, as they host both strong outreach presence among affected communities and offer good scope for harmonizing local efforts in larger national response programs.  Social funds are particularly well-placed to undertake identification and implementation activities to channel basic service delivery to poor and vulnerable groups during crises.

This session discussed recent cases and review best practice in designing and implementing disaster response management programs in a social funds context.  The session will address: i) successful strategies for coordination among stakeholders; ii) vulnerability and targeting issues in disaster response (including gender and disability); and iii) the politics of disaster and approaches to limiting governance risks in disaster operations.

The session focused on two cases: i.e., the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and its role in responding to the 2005 earthquake in northern Pakistan, and the Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF) and lessons learned from its Public Works program response to the drought crisis in that country.  Highlights from the November 2008 toolkit on "Improving Readiness of Social Fund/CDD Operations in Managing Response to Natural Disasters" was also presented during the session.

Learning Objectives

  • Distill lessons from recent country cases where Social Funds played a lead role in disaster response and aid coordination.
  • Identify best practices in decentralization and disaster recovery/ reconstruction.
  • Discuss institutional and governance questions arising from use of CDD and Social Funds in disasters.


red arrow"Building Resilient Communities: Social Fund Response to Natural Disasters"(27kb pdf)
by Samantha de Silva

red arrow"Case Study: Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund. Earthquake of October 08, 2005"(520kb pdf)
by Kamran Akbar

red arrow"Malawi Social Action Fund Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction Experiences"(693kb pdf)
by Paul Chipeta

red arrow"Social Funds / CDD Operations: Community Based Disaster Risk Management Toolkit"(314kb pdf)
by Cynthia Burton

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