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Assessing the Model: Recent Trends in Social Funds & CDD Lending (HD Learning Week 2008)

Location:   Room MC10-100
Begins:   Nov 14, 2008 09:00
Ends:   Nov 14, 2008 10:30

Julie Van Domelen, Consultant, HDNSP, World Bank
Rodrigo Serrano, Sr. Social Development Specialist, LCSSO, World Bank
Samantha de Silva, Sr. Social Protection Specialist, HDNSP, World Bank

Bassam Ramadan, Sector Manager, HDNSP, World Bank

Since the establishment of the first Social Fund project in 1987, Social Fund programs have demonstrated the merits of their institutional model as efficient, semi-autonomous bodies focused on promoting concrete results at the local level based on a community-driven development (CDD) approach. At the same time, the CDD approach has helped strengthen community planning capacity and make services more demand-responsive and accountable to the poor. SF/CDD interventions have been characterized by a high degree of flexibility and innovation in their design, leading to a very diverse set of programs. Although this diversity is at the core of many of these interventions’ success, it presents challenges when trying to assess their outcomes and impacts at the global level.

This session brought together leading experts in Social Funds and the CDD approach to present global and regional trends and lessons from the SF/CDD portfolios.  First, a review of the Community-Driven Development global portfolio provided an overview of CDD practice in Bank operations while highlighting general lessons, commonalities and contrasts from a summary of six recent regional CDD stock-takings.  Second, a review of the Social Funds portfolio between 2000 and 2007 examined lending trends as well as evaluative evidence from IEG, QAG, and Anchor evaluations, providing key findings and useful lessons. Finally, an overview of a regional review of the SF/CDD portfolio in Africa provides results and lessons learned from CDD operations in the region.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss commonalities and contrasts in the design, objectives, institutional arrangements and performance of the CDD portfolio;
  • Share lessons and future implications of the Social Funds portfolio assessment as well as  their role in implementing the social protection sector strategy;
  • Discuss specific aspects and lessons from the implementation of SF/CDD operations in


red arrow"Global Perspectives on Social Funds / Community-driven Development" (130kb pdf)
by Julie Van Domelen

red arrow"Social and Local Development Funds in the Africa Region: Evolution and Options" (114kb pdf)
by Rodrigo Serrano-Berthet

red arrow"Social Funds: A Global Portfolio Review" (44kb pdf)
by Samantha de Silva, HDNSP

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