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Results in Bank Projects: A Hands-on Focus on Social Funds (HD Learning Week 2008)

Location:   Room MC2-800
Begins:   Nov 12, 2008 15:30
Ends:   Nov 12, 2008 17:30

Alan G. Carroll, Country Operations Adviser, LCC3C, World Bank
Norbert O. Mugwagwa, Operations Adviser, AFTHD, World Bank
Julie Van Domelen, Consultant, HDNSP, World Bank

This session aimed to provide an overview of current approaches to designing project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in Social Fund operations, as well as an opportunity for hands-on practice defining project objectives and indicators and a related results strategy.  TTLs often face practical challenges in identifying project development objectives and performance measures that are relevant to larger country and sector contexts, and come time for project evaluation at implementation completion.  The session also reflected on the role of project-level M&E in larger country and sector performance management contexts. Participants had an opportunity to test their skills in developing a monitoring and evaluation framework for a specific project, using a case study format.  The session closed with a review of lessons learned from the case practicum.

Key Issues

  • Challenges in Social Fund operations of monitoring project objectives such as local institutional development and capacity-building.
  • Project level M&E, including how to develop a strong Project Development Objectives and clear indicators.
  • Experience from AFR on designing results frameworks in Social Fund operations.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the role of project M&E in social protection operations and policy.
  • Practice developing project-level development objectives and related performance indicators and approaches.
  • Discuss the place of project M&E in country and sector-level performance monitoring.


red arrow"PDOs and Indicators in Operations" (59kb pdf)
by Alan Carroll

red arrow"Africa Region Experience with Results Frameworks" (417kb pdf)
by N.O. Mugwagwa and Victoria Gyllerup

red arrow"Measuring Social Fund / CDD Results in Practice" (406kb pdf)
by Julie Van Domelen

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