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STI Global Forum 2009
Washington, DC. December 10-11, 2009 

Day 1

Welcome and Introduction to the Global Forum

Opening Remarks
STI Partnerships, Capacity Building and the Multi-Lateral Development Banks

  • Christian Delvoie, Director, Knowledge Strategy Group, The World Bank
    [video icon video - 16 minutes]
  • Flora Painter, Chief, Science and Technology Division, Inter-American Development Bank [video icon video - 20 minutes]

Session 1 Pro-Poor Innovation for Social and Economic Development

Chair: Romain Murenzi, Former S&T Minister, Rwanda

Session 1 discussions [video icon video - 45 minutes]

Session 2 Fostering Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship: Converting STI Capacity into Business Opportunities

Chair: Jaime Parada, President, Monterrey International City of Knowledge, Mexico

Session 2 discussions [ video icon video - 36 minutes]

Day 2

Session 3
 Training the Next Generation of Knowledge Workers for the Global and Local Knowledge Economy

Chair: Eduardo Bitran, President, National Council on Competitive Innovation, Chile

Session 3 discussions [video icon video - 15 minutes]

Session 4 New Mechanisms for Financing and Implementing STI Partnership Initiatives: Perspectives from Latin America

Chair: Francisco Miranda, Director-General, Colcencias, Colombia

Session 4 discussions [video icon video - 46 minutes]

Session 5 Towards an Action Plan for STI Capacity Building Partnerships

  • Peter McPherson, President, Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
    [video icon video - 18 minutes]
  • Kiyoshi Kurokawa, Science Adviser to the Prime Minister (former), Japan
    [video icon video - 28 minutes]
  • Graeme Wheeler, Managing Director, The World Bank
    [video icon video - 11 minutes]

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