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Background Discussion Paper

The World Bank convened a Global Forum in Washington, DC on February 13-15 to discuss strategies, programs, and policies for building science, technology and innovation capacity in developing countries for sustainable growth and poverty reduction.  This Discussion Paper was a preliminary effort to frame the discussion, raise critical issues, highlight some key topics for possible discussion at the Forum, and, most importantly, to elicit comments, feedback, and suggestions for improvement from a wide range of stakeholders and potential participants.  This version of the Discussion Paper deliberately attempts to touch on a wide range of issues and to raise questions rather than to provide definitive answers.  The objective is to encourage a discussion rather than foreclose comment, discussion, and dissent. 

This Discussion Paper is designed to be a living document, evolving and improving over time as additional comments and suggestions are incorporated into the text. Subsequent drafts, as well as publications produced in the wake of the Forum and in follow up seminars and conferences convened by the Bank, will attempt to provide tentative answers and additional analysis, all grounded in the collective wisdom of the Forum participants. 

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