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Day 1: Tuesday, February 13

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8:30 AM

Opening Remarks


Opening Keynotes

  • Chairperson: Robert Watson, Chief Scientist & Director, ESSD, The World Bank
  • Ramesh Mashelkar, President, Global Research Alliance
    Scientific and technological opportunities and challenges for development
    [video icon: 34minutes] [Presentation PPT, 16MB]
10:45AMMorning Break

Session I, Panel A:
Building local capacity for developing and diffusing appropriate technologies

  • Chairperson: Ruth Kagia, Education Sector Director, Human Development Network, World Bank
  • Amy Smith, Instructor, MIT Edgerton Center
    Building local STI capacity for developing appropriate technologies
    [: 11minutes] [Presentation PPT, 3MB]
  • Parker Mitchell, CEO, Engineers Without Borders, Canada
    Sociological and cultural challenges of adopting appropriate technologies: Why the “best” engineering solutions aren’t always adopted
    [video icon: 21minutes] [Presentation PPT, 4.3MB]
  • Frans Doorman / Gerard Hendriksen
    Building local capacity to develop and diffuse appropriate technologies to rural areas – Examples from Rwanda and Bangladesh
    [video icon: 16minutes] [Presentation PPT, 126KB]
12:30PMLunch Break

Day 1 Afternoon Keynote Session:
The Gender Dimension of STI Capacity Building


Session I, Panel B:
A sectoral view on building STI capacity for meeting the MDGs

  • Chairperson: Julian Schweitzer, Sector Director, South Asia Region, World Bank
  • Andy Hall, LINK Coordinator, UNU-MERIT
    Building local systems for delivering agricultural innovations
    [video icon: 21minutes] [Presentation PPT, 121KB]
  • Charles Gore, Principal Author, UNCTAD Least Developed Country Report 2006
    STI and Poverty Reduction in the Least Developed Countries
    [video icon: 18minutes] [Presentation PPT, 881KB]

Day 1 Keynote
Wayne Johnson, VP of University-Industry Relations, HP +
Building partnerships with the private sector to help create education systems which become a resource for economic growth
[video icon: 19minutes] [Presentation PPT, 6.9MB]

4:15PMAfternoon Break

Session II, Panel A:
Building STI Capacity to add value to natural resource sectors

  • Chairperson: William Maloney, Lead Economist, Office of the Chief Economist, Latin America Region, World Bank
  • Joaquin Cordua, Director of education and human development, Fundacion Chile
    Fundacion Chile’s lessons from its work in natural resource exports
    [video icon: 28minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.2MB]
  • Hasit “Tiku” Shah,  Managing Director, Sunripe, and Chairman, Fresh Produce Exporters Association of Kenya
    Building STI Capacity to Meet Global Quality, Health, and Sanitary Standards in the Kenyan Fresh Vegetables Industry
    [video icon: 18minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.3MB]
  • Discussant: Steven Jaffee, Lead Economist, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, World Bank

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