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Day 2: Wednesday, February 14

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Opening Remark
Paul Wolfowitz, President, World Bank
[video icon: 14minutes] [Transcript]


Ministerial / Policymaker Roundtable

10:15AMMorning Break

Session II, Panel B:
The private sector view on STI needs in natural resource sectors

  • Chairperson:  Yaw Ansu, Sector Director, Human Development Department, Africa Region, World Bank
  • Michael Fairbanks, Chairman, On The Frontier Group
    Creating competitive advantage from natural resource endowments
    [: 17minutes]
  • Beatrice Gakuba, CEO, Rwanda Flora
    Rwanda Cut Flower Industry, Building capacity for service delivery in private industry
    [video icon: 21minutes] [Presentation PPT, 430KB]
  • Thomas Dixon, Tanzania Country Director, Technoserve
    STI Capacity Building in the Tanzanian Coffee Industry
    [video icon: 11minutes] [Presentation PPT, 543KB]
12:00PMLunch Break

Session III, Panel A:
Leveraging FDI for technological learning and supplier development

  • Chairperson:  Charles Weiss, Distinguished Professor, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service
  • Nanci Palmintere, Vice President, Finance and Enterprise Services, Intel Corporation
    Intel investment site selection process, requirements, and goals
    [video icon: 15minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.3MB]
  • John Varney, Visiting Fellow of International Business, Northumbria University
    FDI and Supplier Development in Serbia and/or Czech Republic
    [video icon: 16minutes] [Presentation PPT, 630KB]
  • Roberto Calvo, Director, Costa Rica Provee
    Developing suppliers for Foreign Investors in Costa Rica
    [video icon: 12minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.3MB]

Session III, Panel B:
Building public private partnership institutions for technological catch-up

  • Chairperson: John Matthews, Professor of Strategic Management, Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia
  • Sergio Trindade, President, SE2T International
    PPPs in STI Capacity Building
    [video icon: 15minutes] [Presentation PPT, 90KB]
  • Peter Brimble, President, Asia Policy Research Company
    Designing University-Industry Linking Programs in Thailand
    [video icon: 12minutes] [Presentation PPT, 117KB]
  • María del Pilar Noriega, Directora Técnica, ICPIC, Colombia
    The role of a technological development center: lessons for success
    [video icon: 13minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.2MB]
  • Sungchul Chung, President, Korea Science and Technology Policy Institute
    Korean development of technology adaptation institutes
    [video icon: 14minutes] [Presentation PPT, 292KB]
  • Discussant: Jose Luis Guasch, Senior Advisor, Private Sector and Infrastructure Department, Latin America Region, The World Bank
4:15PMAfternoon Break

Session III, Panel C:
Supporting entrepreneurship and enterprise innovation

  • Chairperson:  Daniel Malkin, Deputy Manager, Education, Science and Technology Subdepartment, Inter-American Development Bank
  • Guillermo Fernández de la Garza, Executive Director, FUMEC (US/Mexico Foundation for Science), Former Deputy Director General of CONACYT
    High technology business development in the global context: The FUMEC-TechBA program of Mexico and the experiences of other countries, lessons and opportunities
    [video icon: 17minutes] [Presentation PPT, 1.3MB]
  • Regina Lacayo Oyanguren, Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Nicaragua
    Nicaraguan Fund for Technological Transfer to SMEs
    [video icon: 11minutes] [Presentation PPT, 377KB] [Examples]
  • David Kaplan, University of Cape Town; Formerly of Government of South Africa
    Policies and programs to support innovation in high-tech firms in South Africa
    [video icon: 18minutes] [Presentation PPT, 459KB]

Day 2 Closing Keynote
George Atkinson, Science Advisor, US State Department
US Cooperation in STI Capacity Building
[video icon: 23minutes] [Presentation PPT, 773KB]


Reception hosted by the US National Academies – 2100 C St. NW
(By Invitation Only)


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