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transport research support program Transport Research Support Program

DFID’s long and close association with the World Bank’s research and dissemination activities in the transport sector entered a new collaborative phase with an innovative program, the Transport Research Support Program, in support of applied transport research. The Transport Research Support Program will run until 2013, and comprises four components: discrete knowledge products, flagship knowledge products, improving the Bank's advice to governments dealing with the economic downturn, and enabling the Bank to maximize the contribution of transport to long-term sustainable growth.


GFP Logo Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade

GFPTT, of which the World Bank was a founding member in 1999, includes public and private bodies whose aim is to help improve transport and trade facilitation in Bank member countries. The partners initiate programs to meet this objective.

GRSF Logo Global Road Safety Facility
 GRSF was established in 2005 by the World Bank in partnership with the FIA Foundation for the Automobile and Society, the government of the Netherlands, and the Swedish International Development Agency. It will support capacity strengthening, program preparation, knowledge transfer, and improved safety in low- and middle-income countries. The facility will complement and support other global partners, such as the Global Road Safety Partnership initiated by the Bank in 1999, the World Health Organization, the Global Road Safety Forum, and the Road Traffic Injuries Researchers Network.

gTKPGlobal Transport Knowledge Partnership

gTKP is an innovative partnership of global organisations, local policy-makers,experts and interested users working to make effective use of international transport knowledge. gTKP offers access to sector experts and best practice knowledge in 8 themes in road transport: Environment and Climate Change, Finance and Economics, Governance, Road Safety, Rural Transport, Social Development, Trade & Transport and Urban Transport. gTKP is currently funded by DFID. The World Bank is a founding partner and is represented in the Steering Group which has a guiding and advisory role and oversees the activities and work of gTKP.

SSATP Logo Sub-Saharan Africa Transport Policy Program
 SSATP is a unique partnership of 35 African countries, 8 regional economic communities, 3 African institutions - UNECA, AU/NEPAD and AfDB, national and regional organizations and international development partners - all dedicated to the goal of ensuring that transport plays its full part in achieving the developmental objectives of Sub-Saharan Africa: poverty reduction, pro-poor growth, and regional integration. The Program is currently funded by the European Commission, Denmark, France, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, the Islamic Development Bank, and the World Bank.

DFID Transport and Rural Infrastructure Learning and Sharing Programme (DFID, TRISP funding)
 DFID and the World Bank established a collaborative programme called the Transport and Rural Infrastructure Learning and Sharing Programme (TRISP) active between 2001 and 2007. The objectives of TRISP were to facilitate and enhance the information services that are required by decision makers for transport and rural infrastructure services to enable governments, private sector, civil society, individuals, and donors to know what the key issues are, how to implement best practice, and why certain measures are appropriate such as guidance on the policy decision process and the development of best practice guidance. Currently World Bank and DFID collaborate on TRSP ( the Transport Research Support Program).

UICInternational Union of Railways

UIC mission is to promote rail transport at world level and meet the challenges of mobility and sustainable development. Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed in February 2010, UIC and the World Bank will share knowledge, lessons learned, information and data.

Working Group on Development and Air Transport 
A Working Group on Development and Air Transport was established in 2005 by the World Bank, the International Civil Aviation Organization(ICAO), the Air Transport Action Group (consisting of the International Air Transport Association  and members of the air transport industry), and leading civil aviation authorities, such as the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The objectives of the group are to promote air transport as a catalyst for growth and development; to address constraints in air transport systems and services; to identify good regulatory practices; and to promote close cooperation and public-private partnerships in air transport development.

PIARC logo World Road Association
 PIARC is an important partner organization, with which the Bank signed a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in January 2007. PIARC is currently managing the International Study of Highway Development and Management Tools (HDM-4) that has been developing new knowledge and technology for planning investments in road infrastructure since 1993. The study was sponsored by a range of institutions, including the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the U.K. Department for International Development, and the Swedish Road Authority.

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