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Launch of the World Bank Group's Transport Business Strategy for 2008-2012

Sponsor: Sustainable Development Network

Transport is a necessary, though not sufficient, contributor to economic development.  But its contribution cannot be taken for granted.

  • In rural areas, nearly a billion of the world’s poorest people still do not even have adequate access to one all-weather road.
  • In most of the cities that will soon contain half of the developing world’s population, public transport systems are struggling to cope.
  • Many countries that have enjoyed strong trade growth in recent years are now facing capacity and quality constraints in transport and logistics.

The Bank Group’s transport business strategy articulates how transport and development goals come together.

  • Safe acknowledges the prominence of health outcomes within the Millennium Development Goals; it implies safety for transport users, for transport workers, and for the wider community.
  • Clean reflects the contribution that transport can make to the environmental aims of the Millennium Development Goals, and the need to address its impact on climate change.
  • Affordable acknowledges that physical supply of infrastructure is not enough. Efficient freight infrastructure, translated through well-functioning markets into affordable transport and logistics services, is critical for trade. Similarly, efficient and affordable transport underpins personal accessibility and mobility in both urban and rural areas.
  • Finally, transport for development asserts that, while transport can have many purposes, the Bank Group’s focus must be on its contribution to economic development.

Jamal Saghir
Director, Energy, Transport and Water Department, Chair Transport Sector Board, World Bank

Marc Juhel
Sector Manager, Transport, World Bank
Presentation (PDF)

Zmarak Shalizi
Co-author of the 1996  WB Transport Strategy "Sustainable Transport"

Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard
Former Director, Transport and Urban Development Department, World Bank

Oscar de Buen
Under Secretary, Ministry of Transportation and Communication, Mexico

Wojciech Suchorzewski
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

Alistair Wray and Peter O'Neill
Senior Growth and Infrastructure Adviser and Special Adviser, Research, DFID (U.K. Department for International Development)

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