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Supply Chain Security Guide

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transport research support 

The Transport Research Support Program is a joint WB/DFID initiative

In 2005 the World Bank decided to carry out a review entitled: “Review of the Cost of Compliance with the New International Freight Transport Security Requirements”. The final report was published in February 2008. This report investigated the financial consequences of the introduction of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code of the International Maritime Organization on the costs of cargo handling in ports.

During field investigations in Eastern Europe, Latin and Central America and West Africa, it appeared that there was a relatively good knowledge about the objectives and requirements of ISPS. But, at the same time, it also became clear that there was very limited knowledge about supply chain security (SCS), of which ISPS is one of the many components.

As SCS came more and more in the spotlight in international freight transport, this issue was discussed with a number of SCS experts and it was recognized that it would be advisable to increase SCS awareness in particular in port and trade facilitation communities in developing countries. The World Bank then embarked on the production of the present Supply Chain Security Guide.

The guide addresses the following main topics:
  • What is supply chain security?
  • Is it important to know about it?
  • Who are the principal players / initiators?
  • What are ports and logistic operators required to know or do so as to be ready when the SCS initiative compliance becomes globally compulsory?
  • What is likely to happen in the field of SCS in the coming period of time?
  • What is the expected end vision?

We hope that this Supply Chain Security Guide will be a useful tool and reference for all its readers, and we would like to express our gratitude to all the experts who have provided their time and expertise to finally produce this publication.

Marc Juhel
Sector Manager, Transport
The World Bank

 FAQs (PDF, 172KB) 
 SCS Layered Approach
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 Executive Summary
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 Glossary (PDF, 108KB)
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 Full Document
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Last updated: 2010-03-24

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