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Toolkit for Public-Private Partnership in Roads and Highways

Sponsor: Sustainable Development Network

The Toolkit for PPP in Roads and Highways, developed by the World Bank with PPIAF support, provides guidance for public sector authorities in the definition of strategies and policies for public-private partnerships (PPP) in roads and highways, components of PPP projects and stages in their preparation. The Toolkit is intended as a key reference source for public authorities in developing countries to understand the issues related to PPP, provide guidance for the required policy and associated reforms, and accompany a process of selection, implementation and management of PPP projects.

The workshop held in Brasilia is the third in a series of workshops designed to disseminate the Toolkit (the previous workshops were held in 2009 in Delhi, India, and Colombo, Sri Lanka). The workshop allowed an introduction to the concepts, methods and tools presented in the Toolkit, including Toolkit functionalities, PPP policy framework, project selection and preparation, concession contracts, competitive selection of concessionaires, and a case study exercise on financial assessment of PPP roads projects using the audited models available in the Toolkit. The Workshop also addressed PPP accomplishments and way forward in the Brazilian highways sector with particular emphasis on the preparation of new PPP programs.

The workshop gave an opportunity for professionals active in the PPP sector in Brazil, both from the government and private sectors, to exchange experiences, best practices and explore lessons learned from Brazil and internationally. The workshop was attended by 150 participants including representatives of several ministries (e.g., Transport, Planning, Office of the Comptroller General), National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), National Land Infrastructure Department (DNIT), officials from several state governments, private concession companies, academia, World Bank, IFC, and other funding agencies and consultants.

Speakers included representatives of the World Bank and the Ministries of Transport and Planning.

All workshop presentations, in Portuguese, are available on the World Bank website at: 

Additionally, the following presentations are also available in English:
Overview of the Toolkit for PPP in Roads and Highways (PDF)
Competitive Selection of Concessionaires (PDF)
Introduction to financial assessment of PPP projects (PDF)
Group Exercise to Screen a PPP Project for Financial Feasibility (PDF)
Group Exercise to Screen a PPP Project for Financial Feasibility: Question Results (PDF) 

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