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Over-the-Horizon ADS-B for Global Air Traffic Control

An innovative way to address environmental and safety challenges in air transportation
Location:   Washington, D.C.
Begins:   May 11, 2011 12:30
Ends:   May 11, 2011 12:30


Skip Nelson, ADS-B Technologies

Charles E. Schlumberger,
Lead Air Transport Specialist, Transport Anchor

Efficient and safe air transport services have become a basic ingredient for economic development around the world. However, the industry has come under increased scrutiny given its growing environmental impact, especially fostering the effect of climate change by its CO2 emissions. One of the low hanging fruits of reducing CO2 emissions are measures achieving fuel efficiency in flight operations. More direct routings or continuous descent approaches are two examples of effectively introducing such measures.

In terms of safety, air transportation has reached a remarkable record. Nevertheless, air traffic surveillance in developing countries is generally very modest as many states cannot afford radar coverage for effective surveillance. As a result, many emerging are still controlled by "procedural air traffic control", which is inefficient and less accurate.

New surveillance technologies, so called Automatic Dependance Surveillance System Broadcast (ADS-B), are currently deployed in the US and some other areas around the world. These new, innovative technologies provide very accurate surveillance capability at a fraction of the cost of traditional radar systems (compare it with the introduction of cell phones, substituting land lines). The Bank is currently preparing a few air transport infrastructure projects with components for the introduction of ADS-B.

Come and join us to discuss this innovative approach. Skip Nelson of ADS-B Technologies will present some recent installations in China, the experiences in Alaska, and developments on long-haul oceanic routes that greatly improve efficiency.

Please note that the BBL starts at 12:00 sharp, and has to end at 13:00 due to other commitments.

If you need further information about ADS-B Technologies, this is its home page:


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Automatic Dependent Surveillance –Broadcast "ADS-B" (PDF)








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