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Oct 28, 2005EU Conference on Transport PPPs – A Tool for Bridging a Gap

Nov 12, 2005Workshop on "Public Private Partnership for Highway Development in India"
Location: New Delhi, India

Nov 21, 2005Current Initiatives in Railway Management in India and China
Location: New Delhi, India

Nov 28, 2005Transport against HIV/AIDS
Date: Nov 28 - Nov 29
Location: Washington D. C., USA
Rural Access Improvement & Decentralization Project (RAIDP) Launch
Date: Nov 28 - Nov 29
Location: Jawalakhel, Nepal

Dec 05, 2005Fact-finding event on Post Disaster situations: Opportunities for an Accessible Built Environment - Dec. 5, 2005
Location: HQ MC Bldg
Contact: Marco Nicoli


Jan 11, 2006Conference on PSP in Roads, Highways & Ports
Location: New Delhi, India

Jan 25, 2006Workshop on Development Strategy for Inland Water Transport
Date: Jan 25 - Jan 26

Jan 31, 2006Environmental Management Aspects of Highway Projects
Location: New Delhi, India

Feb 23, 2006Cities of Tomorrow - choices of sustainable public transport, air quality and energy
Date: Feb 23 - Feb 24
Location: New Delhi, India

Mar 18, 2006Pakistan Trade & Transport Facilitation Conference 2006

Mar 27, 2006Transport Forum 2006
Date: Mar 27 - Mar 31

May 29, 2006Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)
Date: May 29 - May 30

May 30, 2006ICT in Transport Sector: Towards Effective Governance
Location: New Delhi, India

Jun 15, 2006Public Private Partnership Convention - Indian Rail
Date: Jun 15 - Jun 16
Location: New Delhi, India

Jun 16, 2006International Workshop on "Assessing the Need for the Management of Highway Axle Loads in Developing Countries"
Date: Jun 16 - Jun 17
Location: Taj Samudra Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka

Jun 21, 2006Forum on logistics in Morocco – Casablanca

Jul 03, 2006The Future of Bangladesh Railway: Learning from International Experience
Location: Dhaka Sheraton Hotel

Jul 13, 2006Public Transportation in Bogotá: life after BRT
Contact: Samuel L. Zimmerman


Jul 15, 2006Media Workshop : India's Transport Sector

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