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The air transport projects portfolio of recent years is composed of various lending or technical assistance (ESW) projects in the six regions of the Bank (IDA, IBRD). In addition, IFC has a current portfolio of proposed and active lending or investment financing throughout the aviation sector. The charts below summarize the portfolio of the most important Bank projects. However, there are currently several smaller projects or project components in various Bank projects that are not included due to their small size or their preliminary stage. wb DATA SOURCES

World Bank Open Data on Air Transport
World Aero Data
Aviation Safety Network
Boeing Current Market Outlook
IATA Figures
ICAO Data 

         FY08 Portfolio 

Freight/Passengers Carried (1980-2008)
Over the decades, the air transport industry has experienced several economic downturns, yet it grew by an average of around 5% per year during the past 30 years.

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