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Research & Analysis

To assist clients in establishing a safe, secure, cost efficient, available and reliable air transport network, as well as to deal with the urgent issues that the world’s air transport industry is currently facing, the air transport sector of the Bank has carried on series of research and analysis over the years. Topics include policy advice, master planning analysis, air carrier restructuring and privatization, air transport and energy, and capacity building for regulatory oversight, etc.


Documents and Reports

Flying High as Fares Fall: Low-cost Carriers Revitalize Tourism
JULY 2013

Is the Arab Take-off Imminent? Opportunities for the Development of the North African Air Transport Sector Following the Arab Spring
(PDF, 698KB)
JUNE 2013

Open Skies in North Africa: Is Tunisia the Next Morocco? (PDF, 258 KB)

Cargo Flights: Ready for Take-Off or Short of (Affordable) Fuel?
(PDF, 286 KB)

Air Transport and Energy Efficiency

The Air Connectivity Index- Measuring Integration in the Global Air Tranport Network (PDF, 2,376KB)
JUNE 2011

Analysis of the Air Cargo Market in Latin America: Restrictions for an Effective Regional Integration (PDF, 605KB)

Are Alternative Fuels an Alternative? - A Review of the Opportunities and Challenges of Alternative Fuels for Aviation (PDF, 638KB)
JULY 2010

Open Skies for Africa: Implementing the Yamoussoukrou Decision
JUNE 2010

Air Freight: A Market Study with Implications for Landlocked Coutnries

The Oil Price Spike of 2008- The Result of Speculation or an Early Indicator of a Major and Growing Future Challenge to the Airline Industry? (PDF, 577KB)
JULY 2009

Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic: Air Transport - Challenges to Growth (PDF, 3.2MB)
JUNE 2009


Air Transport Infrastructure: The Roles of the Public and Private Sector (PDF, 182KB)
APRIL 2005

Policy Research Working Paper

Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Airports in Latin America (PDF, 686KB)
JUNE 2010

Infrastructure, Competition Regimes, and Air Transport Costs: Cross-Country Evidence (PDF, 280KB)
JULY 2004


Featured publications:


IFC Handshake: Low-cost Carriers Revitalize Tourism


Air Transport and Energy Efficiency


Open Skies for Africa: Implementing the Yamoussoukrou Decision

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