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Air Transport Projects by Region

In Fiscal Year 2013, the World Bank's Air Transport portfolio is around US$1.36 billion, and includes around 30 projects or project components across all six regions. Particular highlights include the approval of a US$50 million IBRD loan to China to improve airline connectivity in the Northeastern Jiangxi Providence and for the 'green' Shangrao Sanqingshan Airport. Other major ongoing projects include the Pacific Aviation Investment Program, with current implementation covering Tonga, Kiribati, and Tuvalu and subsequent phases to include Vanuatu, Samoa and the Solomon Islands. The World Bank also continues its active engagements in other regions, particularly in Africa, where it has ongoing commitments in Tanzania, Burkina Faso, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The focus remains on safety, infrastructure rehabilitation, institutional strengthening and capacity building.


 $398.8 million
 Context: In international comparison, aviation in Africa is seriously lagging behind in terms of growth, safety, and efficiency, despite the fact that it could play a key role in the economic development of the continent. One of the obstacles to the emergence of a modern and efficient air transport system is often identified as the insufficient implementation of the Yamoussoukro Decision, which was supposed to liberalize intra-continental air services among all African countries. A strong focus of the IBRD and IDA air transport projects is in Africa where the Bank also provides policy reform recommendation and technical assistance.
 Featured project: Kenya Transport Sector Support
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East Asia & Pacific

 $76.7 million
Context: For the East Asia and Pacific region which has a sustainable annual growth of over 7% for the past few years, the World Bank’s strategy is focused on supporting government programs through a combination of lending and high value added services and knowledge transfer.
Featured project: Pacific Aviation Investment Program
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Europe & Central Asia

Context: In Europe and Central Asia, improving air safety and security is of paramount importance and will require multi-country cooperation in oversight and investment. Large scale aviation reforms and investments (separation of airlines, airports, and air traffic management operations) are being implemented in many Europe and Central Asia countries. Fleet renewal is critical for most operators in order to improve safety and to access international markets. Concessions and privatization will be considered in the next steps. Phasing out subsidies to airlines and exposing them to increasingly liberal market conditions would lead to improved efficiency and, under competent management, to successful privatization.
Featured project: Sixth Programmatic Development Policy Grant Program (PDPG6) for Tajikistan(Pipeline)
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Latin America & Caribbean

 $20.5 million
Context: Airlines, airports, and logistics serving the region follow its economic development trend. After experiencing an increase in traffic volume, the region's airports and air carriers are now trying to meet international standards in terms of providing safer and more convenient air transport.
Featured project: Bolivia: National Roads and Airport Infrastructure
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Middle East & North Africa

 $283.2 million
Context: The air transport sector plays an important role in the economies of the Middle East and North Africa region. It is essential to meet the objectives of accelerating economic development through export led growth, creating jobs and reducing vulnerability and exclusion. In general, air transport systems in the MENA region are relatively well developed with facilities of air transport network. The quality of air transport infrastructure is, however, often deficient and cannot support growing, modern economies.
Featured project: Egypt: Cairo Airport Development
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South Asia

 1 project, $2 million
Context: The World Bank’s support for this region includes technical assistance for the region’s civil aviation authority capacity building as well as infrastructure investment. For countries like Afghanistan, its major challenge is post-war reconstruction to promote economic recovery and development.
Featured project: Pakistan: Second Trade and Transport Facilitation Project
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